Investor's Personal Cabinet

for ICO
Your ICO needs our Personal Cabinet
The main function of PC is to simplify ICO process management. PC is important not only for investors, but also for ICO founders. The key point ensuring investor confidence is the transparency of the funds transfer and receipt of payments in cryptocurrency to the Private Cabinet. For founders it means the autonomy of work, automatic settings for bonus accruals and so on.
3 options to choose from
We offer three main options of the Private Cabinet:

1. Investor's Private Cabinet (Standard)
2. Investor's Private Cabinet (Multicurrency)
3. Investor's Private Cabinet (Personalized)

1. Investor's Private Cabinet (Standard)

1) Token smart-contract or/and Crowdsale smart-contract;
2) Token Payments with ETH;
3) Manual token issuing (private pre-sale);
4) Private Cabinet translated into the most commonly used international languages (Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese);
5) Referral program with a list of participants;
6) History of all transactions (write into blockchain, cabinet smart-contract);
7) Token price calculator;
8) Reverse counter (information about pre-sale bonus during each stage);
9) Information about user's balance;
10) Information about token price. Binding the price of the token to the rate of USD (every minute update)*;
11) Bounty- program;
12) Help and FAQs;
13) Notifications;
14) KYC (Know Your Customer);
15) Registration, authorization, password recovery;
16) ) Links to social networks, possibility of registration using Social Login.
* only PC + token smart-contract.

2. Investor's Private Cabinet (Multicurrency)
To the above-described standard Private Cabinet is added the function of buying tokens by investor through various cryptocurrencies, such as: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Eth. Classic and others, as well as fiat money.

3. Investor's Personal Cabinet (Personalized)
This option has full functionality of the services we provide. It can be personalized by additional functionality.

This is the Investor's Dashboard.
All information about the current ICO is displayed in the Purchase token menu. Here, users can purchase tokens at a specified cost, see the stages and timing of the ICO and see the overall fees for the project. In the multicurrency Cabinet, the user can choose one of the popular crypto currency for payment. The rate is updated once a minute.

User's dashboard
In the menu on the left, you can go to other pages: My Investments, Referral Program, Help, Contacts.

Admin (operator ICO)'s dasboard
The administrator can control the progress of the ICO. He sees the tabs available to the user, as well as the tabs for customization.
The ICO Administrator's Dashboard is slightly different from the user's Dashboard.
Here you can change the current cost of the token. You can stop ICO using the "Stop" (pause) or "End ICO" buttons. Private token sale is also available. The operations are performed via MetaMask.
To change other parameters, go to the "Settings" tab.
Costs of developing Private Cabinets for ICO